Beta Release 1.5 of MolBook UNIPI is now available!

14/02/2024 – Beta Release 1.5 of MolBook UNIPI is available. Try it!

Click here to download it.

Release 1.5 Beta:

  • VenomPred tool is now a Plugin. VenomPred updated with new endpoints (VenomPred2)
  • Added alignment function in GridView
  • Added possibility to directly open with double click (or via terminal) projects and supported importing files (for Linux and Windows users)
  • Added Autosave functionality
  • Prediction of aqueous solubility was included into ADMEPred
  • Added system of updates check
  • Fixed export to docx format
  • Updated the load/import dialog. Now the path is updated according the last file opened
  • Update vendors search. now is possibile to search vendors for multiple instances
  • Updated Structural Query. Now is possibile to provide generic query with SMARTS
  • Updated insternal system settings
  • Optimized ReactionSearcher
  • Updated chemical notebook. Now is possible to include all file types
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